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Why Do I Need A Divorce Attorney?

Posted on: October 12th, 2012 by Scott Law

One of the most common questions posed to divorce attorneys is:  Why do I need an attorney?  Husband and Wife may agree to  the divorce and may even agree to the terms of the divorce.   Regardless of the agreements reached by the parties, a final Decree of Dissolution of Marriage is required in every case.  This Decree, commonly known as a Divorce Decree, is a legally binding document and is an enforceable order of the court.  Both parties will be required to follow the orders set forth in the Divorce Decree and can be sanctioned for failing to adhere to it’s requirements.  A Phoenix family law attorney is able to draft a Divorce Decree that is tailored to the specific case and the parties individual needs.

A divorce attorney understands what is required to be included in the Decree and what special terms can be added to fit the parties circumstances.  The attorney, in drafting the Divorce Decree, is able to account for certain situations that the parties may have never considered and use specificity in an effort to avoid disagreements as to the interpretation of the Decree’s terms.  This can help to preserve an amicable relationship between the parties and avoid future litigation and expense.

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