Child Support

When children are involved in a Divorce, Custody or Paternity action, child support will be calculated, ordered and paid through the AZ Child Support Clearinghouse.  We understand the financial strains families often experience in family court proceedings and recognize that many individuals need help calculating child support.  When someone is entitled to or may be responsible for child support payments, it is important to have an experienced attorney who understands how to calculate child support.  At Scott Law Offices, we work with clients to ensure that we have all of the information necessary to accurately calculate child support payments under the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.

Before calculating child support, one must understand how gross monthly income is determined, how attributed income works, what deductions can be made and what credits should be given to each party.   Income tax deductions, division of out-of-pocket medical expenses and division of activity expenses should also be considered.  Certain circumstances may require a request for temporary orders for child support, request for child support arrears or may justify a deviation from the calculated amount.  We assist in calculating regular child support but also recognize when a special situation exists requiring additional action.


As time goes on the financial circumstances of the parents often change as do the parenting time schedules.  Such changes require modification of the court orders.  A child support attorney is able to request modifications of child support when the orders that are currently in place need to be altered.  We work with clients to resolve modifications through the Court’s simplified process when possible to avoid unnecessary cost to the client.

Child Support Law Firm in Glendale

It is essential to have a knowledgeable and reliable child support lawyer Glendale residents trust to handle your case. Here at Scott Law Firm, we handle every case with respect and acknowledge that the proceedings need to be dealt with delicately. The financial aspect of legal cases can weigh heavily on families, and it is essential to have a proficient attorney on your side that is able to accurately determine child support. Don’t let any more responsibility than is necessary fall on your shoulders, and contact the team at Scott Law Firm today to let us handle your child support case.

Child Support Services in Peoria

Divorce can be a complicated and stressful process, and one of the ongoing issues many people face is dealing with child support. Whether your former spouse is no longer paying their share of support, or your needs have changed, Scott Law Firm can provide you with a child support attorney in Peoria AZ to help you navigate the process. Child support can be essential to providing your children with necessities and you are entitled to receive the amount governed by the court. Our experienced attorneys can make sure that your children are getting the support they deserve and you are getting the help you need.

“Christina was very instrumental in helping with the adjustment to have more allotted time with my children, as well as child support modification. This resulted in a great outcome. We were able to settle, with even more than I expected, and prior to the actual court appearance. She handled everything with professionalism and ease and was readily available when it came to setting up meetings to work with my schedule, as well as anytime I had a question, via email or phone call. She was always quick to respond and thorough in providing all necessary information needed to prepare me for my case. I recommend using Scott Law Offices for your family law needs. You will not be disappointed!” – KP