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Parenting Time and the Holiday Season

Posted on: December 6th, 2012 by Scott Law

Scott Law Offices is focused on family.  The holiday season is all about family.  Holidays can bring a certain amount of stress for many people.  When two people share child custody in Arizona, that holiday stress is often magnified.  Avoiding child custody and parenting time issues during the holidays can reduce stress for all involved.  By doing so, the children can enjoy a great holiday experience with both parents.  Here are some things to consider:

Check Your Paperwork

Your court orders for child custody and parenting time are binding.  Oftentimes there are specific orders regarding holiday parenting time set forth in your parenting time orders.  Stick to this schedule unless and until the orders are formally changed.  Most parenting time arrangements can be modified so long as the parties have a mutual agreement in writing.  Before making any modification to the parenting time schedule, be sure to follow the procedures for modifications set forth in your court orders.


Be sure to check your custody orders for limitations on travel.  It is often the case that advanced notice must be given to the other parent prior to traveling out of State with the children.  Sometimes permission must be obtained from the other parent to allow the children to travel out of State.  Plan ahead and give sufficient time for any necessary discussions related to travel.  Also, you may want to consider allowing some form of video chatting between the children and the other parent while you are travelling.  This may ease any stress that the children and the other parent may feel from being away from each other during the holidays.

Trade Time

If you find that you need to keep the children for extra time over the holidays or hope to have the children on a day that is not designated to you in your custody orders, consider trading time.  You could offer the other parent extra days at any time during the year or possibly offer them a holiday that would normally fall during your parenting time.  Flexibility is important in any co-parenting situation.

Be Nice

Though it may be difficult, try to be nice.  A little bit of compassion and tolerance can go a long way.  This can alleviate stress not only for you and the other parent, but for your children.  Communication is often the key to avoiding difficult holiday disputes.  Having effective communication and playing nicely with the other parent will set a good example for your children and may help them to have a happy holiday.

If you have questions about your parenting time schedule or child custody orders do not wait until last-minute.  Avoid the stress of last-minute holiday disputes by addressing potential holiday parenting time issues well in advance of the holidays and court closures.  Contact a Scott Law Offices custody attorney for your free consultation.

Do You Travel? Do You Have A Will?

Posted on: December 2nd, 2012 by Scott Law

Many families see the holidays, anniversaries and school breaks as opportunities to get away and take a break from their normal routines.  While travelling is exciting and fun, the most common time clients contact us to prepare a Will is right before a planned trip.  People are often concerned about accidents occurring while away from home and about the effect it would have on their children and other family members they have left behind.  Do you have upcoming travel plans?  Do you have a Will?  If you do plan to travel but do not have a Will, you may want to consider adding a Will preparation to your travel checklist.  Our travel checklists almost always include sunscreen to protect our skin and locked luggage to protect our belongings.  We double-check to make sure our doors are locked, arm our home alarm systems, stop our mail and even park under a street light at the airport parking lot, but what about our family who is not traveling with us?  If the unthinkable happens while on vacation, is our family protected?  Who will take care of our affairs?  What will happen with our family heirlooms?  Most importantly, what will happen to our children?

Many couples and individuals do not have a Will.  If you are searching for an attorney in Anthem, Phoenix, Scottsdale or Glendale who is skilled in drafting specific Will provisions to accommodate the future needs of your family, contact Scott Law Offices.  It is best to be prepared and to ensure that your wishes are heard.  A Will is a simple and fairly inexpensive way to protect your family’s interests.  If you have upcoming travel plans, contact our Phoenix law office to ensure that your travel checklist is complete.

Scott Law Offices Phoenix law office is dedicated to providing simple and cost-effective representation in preparing individual and couples Wills.