The Difference between Legal Separation and Divorce

For many, divorce vs legal separation is a decision that is hard to make but understanding the difference between them can make the decision easier. The primary difference between the two is that legal separation will not end the marriage, but will enable the couple to live separately.   During the time that a couple lives […]

A Judge’s Authority and Having the Advantage of An Experienced Family Law Attorney

Limits of a Judge’s Authority Divorce, in general, is referred to as dissolution of marriage in many states. The Superior Court judge is the only authority that can grant permission to dissolve a couple’s marital status. In addition to this, the judge is also authorized to do the following: Issue orders that pertain to the […]

Understanding Family Law and Choosing Your Lawyer

In the past, attorneys in the field of family law were called matrimonial or divorce lawyers. The primary focus was on marital relationships and nothing more. Most of the domestic cases were basically limited to setting spousal maintenance, dividing marital property, and establishing child support and custody. But over the last few decades, the scope […]

Arizona Changes Custody to Legal Decision-Making

Child custody is often a very confusing and misunderstood area of family law for people facing a Phoenix custody or divorce case.  With the new year brings new changes to the laws on child custody in Arizona.  The first and most apparent change is that the term “child custody” has been replaced with the term […]

Helpful Websites for Co-Parenting.

We commonly rely on the internet for work, school, entertainment, and to keep in touch with friends and family.  When going through a divorce in Arizona or a child custody case, why not look to the internet to assist in co-parenting with your Ex?  There are many sites that provide tools for parents to assist […]

Parenting Time and the Holiday Season

Scott Law Offices is focused on family.  The holiday season is all about family.  Holidays can bring a certain amount of stress for many people.  When two people share child custody in Arizona, that holiday stress is often magnified.  Avoiding child custody and parenting time issues during the holidays can reduce stress for all involved.  […]

The Confusion About Child Custody

Child custody has proven to be one of the most confusing and misunderstood areas of family law for people facing a Phoenix custody or divorce case.  So, what does the term “custody” mean?  Most individuals seeking the advice of a Phoenix family law attorney use this term to explain who they desire their children to […]

Why Do I Need A Divorce Attorney?

One of the most common questions posed to divorce attorneys is:  Why do I need an attorney?  Husband and Wife may agree to  the divorce and may even agree to the terms of the divorce.   Regardless of the agreements reached by the parties, a final Decree of Dissolution of Marriage is required in every […]

I Was Served With a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Now What?

It is never an easy thing to face the reality that your marriage is over.  When one party (the “Petitioner”) initiates court proceedings by filing a petition for dissolution of marriage and serves their spouse (the “Respondent”) with the pleadings, the Respondent is often left with the question: Now What?  Here are some simple tips […]

The Effect of Divorce on Children

Divorce is obviously difficult for the divorcing parties, but the children of divorce often suffer in their own way.  Young children thrive in stable, predictable environments.  During and after a divorce, their environment is often far from stable and predictable.  One household is divided into two, new surroundings and new relationships are often introduced, and […]