Communication with a Former Spouse

Posted on: June 19th, 2012 by Scott Law

Discussing issues during a divorce with a former spouse may be uncomfortable, but communication is key.  Open communication regarding issues with the children, scheduling changes, travel plans, etc. is important for effective co-parenting.  Here are some tips for communicating with a former spouse:

  1. Always abide by the orders of the court with regard to communication methods.
  2. Schedule a time to talk with your former spouse and focus on one issue at a time to effectively tackle the task at hand.
  3. During the divorce treat your former spouse in a respectful manner.  Avoid name-calling, cursing, blaming, criticizing and bringing up the past.
  4. Actively listen to what your former spouse is saying and avoid jumping in before they have had a chance to complete their point.
  5. Avoid calling the children “my child”, “my daughter”, etc. and remember to refer to the children as “our children”, “our daughter”, etc.

Some individuals have more difficulty than others communicating effectively.  It is always a good idea to seek out a counselor, mediator or parenting coordinator if communication with a former spouse is overly difficult.